Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I hope you all had a great vacation! I am so glad to get back in the studio! We have a lot to cover this next semester - so take note of all the dates below~


Jan. 5th and 7th ~ Review jazz and jiho ~ NO tumbling this week (Angee had surgery)

Jan. 12th and 14th ~ Start hip hop and continue cleaning jazz (resume tumbling)

Jan. 15th ~ Bloomers half time at Burley HS 6:00 sharp! FAME!!

Jan. 19th and 21st ~ Finish teaching hip hop and clean jazz.

Jan. 21st ~ Tiny Tots and Buds Declo half time - lollipop in ballets and hunka hunka!! 6:00 sharp!

Jan. 26th and 28th ~ Clean hip hop and get ready for showcase!

Jan. 27th ~ Bloomer half time at Declo - FAME!! 6:00 sharp!

Jan 30th ~ Showcase at CSI auditorium in Twin Falls - I do not have details yet, but I know the show starts at 7:00 so plan on being there by 6:00 unless otherwise notified.

Showcase info (so far)
Bloomers - Fame
Buds - Hunka Hunka
Bloomers, Buds, Sprouts - Jiho
Girls must wear their jogger over their costume and must be dressed and ready (same hair and makeup as festival of trees!!!) There will be limited dressing room space, so BE READY!!! I was told tickets will be 8:00 for adult admission. I will keep info updated as I receive it!


Feb. 2nd and 4th ~ Start ballet

Feb. 6th ~ All dancers in Jiho - Minico half time 6:00 sharp!

Feb 9th and 11th ~ Finish ballet, review all other dances.

Feb. 12th ~ Tiny Tots and Bloomers do jazz routines at Minico HS - be there at 6:00 sharp!

Feb. 16th ~ review all routines (Tumbling will be older girls from 6:15 - 6:45 and little girls will follow immediately until 7:15.)

Feb. 18th and 23rd ~ NO CLASS!! I will be out of town!

Feb. 25th ~ Regular class. (Tumbling will be younger girls right after class until 6:30 and older girls from 6:30 to 7:00)


Mar. 2nd and 4th ~ Clean jazz and jiho

Mar. 9th and 11th ~ Clean hip hop and ballet

Mar. 16th and 18th ~ SPRING BREAK!! No class or tumbling!

Mar. 23rd and 25th ~ Technique

Mar. 30th ~ Technique


April 1st ~ Prepare for competition in Pocatello!! (we do not have an exact date yet)

April 6th and 8th ~ All routines

April 13th and 15th ~ All routines

April 20th and 22nd ~ All routines and possibly competition this weekend!!!

April 27th and 29th ~ All routines


May 4th and 6th ~ Prepare for recital.

May 11th and 13th ~ Prepare for recital

Oakley performance - All classes. Date not yet set.

May 17th ~ Dress rehearsal 3:30 ~ 6:30 (Tiny Tots 3:30 to 4:00) All others 3:45 to 6:30!!

May 19th ~ RECITAL!!!!! 7:00 BE THERE BY 6:30!!!!

****Where it says JiHo that is all classes except tiny tots. JiHo practice days tiny tots will do tap!!


1. Semester dues $190.00 full semester or $40.00 per month. Fees are due by the 1st and after the 10th there is a late fee of $10.00 ~ this will be added to the last months dues and must be paid prior to performing at recital ~ NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

2. Costume Fees - Due Jan. 10th

Tiny Tots ~ $40.00

Sprouts ~ $40.00

Buds ~ $45.00

Bloomers ~ $55.00 (ballet and hip hop accessories)

3. We will be wearing our DG (dancer girl) jogger for hip hop and if you have not ordered yours please get with me!!! Tiny Tots are doing hip hop this year and you need to come up with your own costume in HOT pink and black.!!! Get creative and crazy!!!

4. We also have a tank top that goes with our jogger and they are $10.00 - Few of you paid for those last semester and those MUST be paid for in addition to your Jan. costume fee!!!

5. Competition Fee **** to be announced

BOYS HIP HOP!!! We will star this in February!! Please call to sign up! We are going to do Character Hip Hop its gonna be crazy fun!!!

Also there have been several requests to do a MOM HIP HOP class, not to perform but for the exercise! So every Thursday starting in March we will have a tone and tighten exercise class at 2:00!!! After all the holiday treats I know I need it!!!

The girls are doing an awesome job and are getting a great reputation as a dance team! They work hard and I expect a lot from each and everyone of them!! I look forward to showing off "my girls" this semester!

Thanks for all your support!

Brook Jensen ~ 431-7759