Sunday, November 27, 2011

Updates and Info

Here is our remaining November and December schedule!! There are a few performances that are not pinned down yet - as I get those dates set I will let you know!!
There are also performance dates for January and February!!!
Nov. 29 and 30th - Regular class - REMINDER DECEMBER FEES ARE DUE BY THE FIRST!! Costumes should all be in and passed out these days!
1st - Crazy dance schedule - 3:30 Weedz
4:30 Bloomerz
Festival of Trees Dec. 1st!!! 6:00pm SHARP be in dressing room downstairs!!! Please be dressed in costume and hair and make up DONE!! We will need the full 30 minutes to line up!! We perform at 6:30!
Festival of Trees Dancers -
Tiny Totz - Christmas Dress (your own)
Cowgirl dance - you need a western shirt and denim shorts, white tights and taps. Hair curled in ringlets and bangs pulled up!
Sproutz - Hip Hop - we will wear Bird Flu costumes. Hair in 3 ponies on top (mohawk style) either crimped or curled!
Blue Budz - Hip Hop - Outfits will be in by then. Hair slicked into 2 low buns, wrapped tightly and we will put chop sticks in them!!
Black Budz - Hip Hop - Outfits will be in by then! Hair in side pony tail on girls' right side and NO BANGS!!
This is a great warm up performance, the girls will have a small crowd and a small stage!! This will be a great first performance and I love supporting the community!
Dec. 6th, 7th, 8th - Regular Class
December 7th - 5:30pm Declo girls jv game - Bloomerz will do Hip Hop.
7:00pm Declo girls Varsity - All Classes will do Bird Flu.
December 13th - Tiny Tots - 12:30 SHARP!! Rosetta living home and then we will cross the street at 1:00 and perform at Highland retirement home. We will wear our new ballet dress (if it is here by then) otherwise we will wear our Christmas Dresses and do our Christmas dance and then we will leave it on and do our Tap routine - DON'T FORGET TAPS!!! We will NOT be changing into our cowgirl costumes!
Dec. 13th, 14th, 15th - Regular Class
December 16th - Burley Boys Varsity Game - Bird Flu Dancers!!
January 3rd - Classes resume!!
January 11th - Declo JV 6:00pm - Weedz jazz
January 17th - Burley Girls JV 6:00pm - Black Budz hip hop and Sproutz jazz.
January 25th - Declo JV 6:00pm Blue Budz
January 28th - Possible Showcase in Twinfalls.
February 1st - Burley Boys JV 6:00pm - Weedz hip hop.
February 18th - SCHOLARSHIP SHOWCASE!!! This is going to be soooo awesome!! More details coming soon!!!
Hope this fills up your calendar! The girls are doing awesome and I am so proud of them!! In February we will begin a BOYZ Hip Hop class on Wednesdays at 5:15!! Can't wait!! Let me know if you are in!!
Also PLEASE remind your dancers that they are to wear appropriate dance attire and bring tennis shoes and jazz shoes to EVERY class!! And please write their names on their shoes!! I already have 3 reported lost pairs!!
There is a growing problem with girls eating in the studio - THIS IS NOT ALLOWED!!! they can bring a water bottle and put it in the window and that is it!! Not in the dressing room or waiting area - it just gets too messy with 300 of us coming and going all week!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Class Schedule Through December!!

Oct. 1st - All costume money is due by this day! This is our only costume fee for the year!! WOO HOOO!!!

Oct. 5th - Last day to pay tuition with out a $5.00 late fee.

Oct. 18th - No dance - I am taking a personal day to watch MY son!!!

Oct. 19th - tiny tots will have dance this day 2:00 to 2:45 and all other regular Wednesday classes will resume.

Nov. 5th - Last day to pay tuition with out late fee!!

Nov. 24th - NO DANCE!! Its My BIRTHDAY!! and THANKSGIVING!! Gobble Gobble!!

Dec. 1st - Festival of Trees Performance! 6:30 performance time! Be at the CSI gym in Burley at 6:00pm SHARP!! Tiny Totz, Sproutz, and both Budz classes! Costume and hair will be sent out at a later date!!

Dec. 1st - Weeds and Bloomerz 4:30 classes only!! All others will be getting ready for performance!!

Dec. ??? - we will try to fit in a half time and Tiny tot Sr. Citizen home performance! I'll let you know when!

Dec. 20th - Christmas break!!! Have fun and I will see you back in January!!!

Okay here is a way advanced heads up!!! Put it on your calendar!! Recital is set for May 16th!!

The classes are going great!! I love being back in the swing of things!! We have worked out most of the kinks and are ready to kick it into HIGH GEAR!!
Our two new instructors - Taysom and Tessa are tearing it up!! Way to go girls!!

Please make sure to send a water bottle with your dancer!!

Also the parking is becoming a BIG issue!! YOU CAN NOT PARK IN THE DRIVE WAY OR BLOCK IT!! The street or country store have plenty of places to park!

CDs should be out soon to your dancers! Dancers with unpaid registration fees will not receive CDs!! YOu are going to love the new songs!

Lastly we are going to bump the THURSDAY schedule back by 15 minutes!!
So classes will be as follows

Weedz - 3:30
Blue Budz - 4:30
Bloomerz - 5:30
Black Budz - 6:30


Just a reminder on costume fees for the year, these need to be paid by October 1st!!

Tiny totz - $70

Sprouz - $85

Blue and Black Budz - $110

Bloomerz and Weedz - $130

And if you haven't got on the Email update list yet just send Brook an email @ and she will add you on!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are you ready to dance??

Info for the upcoming dance season!!

Fees -
Tiny Totz - $30
Sprouts, Budz, Bloomerz & Weedz - $40

We will have 2 classes of Budz this year - Black Budz and Blue Budz.

Registration is $15 and can be sent to
Brook Jensen
447 S. 350 E.
Burley ID 83318

Classes will start in September

Tiny Totz - 2:00 to 2:45
Blue Budz - 3:15
Bloomerz - 4:15
Sproutz - 5:15
Weedz - 6:15 to 7:30

Black Budz - 3:15
Sproutz - 4:15

Weedz - 3:15
Blue Budz - 4:15
Bloomerz - 5:15
Black Budz - 6:15

We are going to spell all classes with Z's this year just for fun!!
classes will be smaller this year, a max of 14 per class.

Tiny Totz = pre K
Sproutz = K - 1st
Budz = 2nd - 5th
Bloomerz = Jr. High
Weedz = Advanced dancers

Boyz are welcome to join all classes for Hip Hop!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dance Camps!!

Dance Camps!!

Oakley Idaho, July 7th, 8th, and 9th, times are still wishy washy, like 8:00 or 9:00 to about 4:00! There will be Jazz, Lyrical, Technique, Hip Hop, Ballet, Chinese drum line, Hula, and Camp dance! This is going to be a very well staffed camp with instructors from Oakley as well as BYU and yours truly!! The camp will be $80.00 and that is a really great deal!! Call me to sign up and I will help arrange carpools!! This is the camp that I am recommending for all to take!! Deadline for this camp is JULY 1st!!!

I will be offering Technique classes 5 times this summer in Declo, June 14th and 29th and July 21st and 28th and August 9th. They will be from 9 to 10:30 for ages 8 and up! We will do work on stretches, turns, leaps and combos!! All are welcome!! Bring a friend!! Its a great way to stay flexible through the summer!!

Registration -

I have opened a few more classes here in Declo - we are growing way too fast!! And I really want to keep class size manageable! So ALL dancers need to have their registration papers and fees in by August 15th!! Registration fee is $15!! Email me for a registration form at . I will take dancers after August 15th only if class size allows!!
Registration forms and fees need to be mail to me at

Brook Jensen - Dance Force
447 S 350 E
Burley ID 83318

You can call me to reserver your spot now!! 431-7759

We will be having classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next year.

Tiny Tots - We will have an hour long class this year and will be doing Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop. Class fee will be $30 per month.
We will order 1 costume to be used for Jazz and Ballet. Tap and Hip Hop will be a create your own costume!!

Sprouts - We will do Production, Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet. We will order 1 costume to be used for Jazz and Ballet and 1 Production costume. Hip hop will be a create your own!

Buds and Bloomers - We will do Production, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Parade. We will incorporate ballet into the production dance. We will also be doing THRILLER!! We will order 1 production costume and 1 jazz.

There will be 2 BUDS classes this year!!

WEEDS!! - This is a new class of just HS girls! - We will do 2 Productions, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Parade! We will discuss costumes as a class!!

We will do Festival of Trees as well as Halftimes we will do Oakley performances as well! We will attend 1 showcase and 1 competition (weeds will do 2 competitions!)

I would like to have all routines taught by Christmas break so we can do a larger variety at halftimes.
2nd semester will be focused on cleaning routines.

I will be starting to email info out to parents!! Send me your email addy if you would like to be added to the list!! !!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Please read this carefully!!!

BE AT THE CSI GYM ON TIME!!! We are on the Gym floor level and in ROOM 104 - Dances can run up to 45 minutes EARLY!! Don't be late! Make sure you label EVERYTHING!! Boys will NOT be allowed in the dressing rooms.
Dancers have been given ONE arm band that they must keep on to perform. I do not have any extras or replacements! (DON'T LOSE THEM!!)

10am SHARP!! - Dressed and READY to go - Declo Bloomers - Sunshine
Shirt, skirt, booty shorts, tights, shoes, legwarmers, hairbows, and all ribbons attached! Hair is to be wavy and bangs in a french braid from girls left to right. Then poof and put in a low ponytail. (we will take out the pony for Waka)

11am SHARP!! - Declo Bloomers - HIP HOP
Sweat jackets and pants - any top, crazy socks, and accessories you want! FUNKY CRAZY hair and make up!! STAND OUT!! You will have 2 hours to get ready for Waka! GO ALL OUT!

12pm SHARP!! - Declo and Dietrich and Shoshone Sprouts -TRANSFORMERS Black and silver hip hop attire! The funkier the better! MOMS DON'T HOLD BACK!! Bling on the ladies and baggie on the dudes! I always wanted to use dryer vent as leg warmers! Give it a try!


1:00 I want ALL dancers in WAKA dressed and ready to go for a big group practice!!

2:00 (DIRECTLY AFTER THE ABOVE AWARDS!) WAKA for BOTH Declo and Dietrich studios!
Waka costume and hair are the same as for every other time we have performed! Wavy hair with black head band! ( I will have extras!) leo and booty shorts, footless tights, footundies and DON'T FORGET YOUR COIN SKIRT!!!!!

2:30 TEA PARTY!! THIS IS THE BIG ONE!!! DECLO AND DIETRICH GIRLS!! We have almost 100 girls entered and I will need LOTS of parents to help set up - Tables, ribbons and birthday cake!!! If you are using spray hair color you will have to go outside to spray!!!


5:50 Declo Buds - BOYFRIENDS BACK - leo, skirt, tights, pettiskirt, ribbons on sleeves and hair slicked up in a high right side pony tail! NO BANGS!!!


Please wear make up EXACTLY AS I ASK!!!

NO FOUNDATION on girls under the age of 14!
Please wear a blush that is pinkish
Black eyeliner - do NOT drag out too far - just a tad past the eye
And if you want eye shadow- go with an earthy blend - I do not want blue or purple etc....
NO pencil on eyebrows - with florescent lights it makes the girls have bags under they eyes.
A deep pinkish lip stick - we DO NOT want RED RED because it will clash with our costumes!
GLITTER!!! I LOVE SPARKLE! We do need to go outside this year to apply! HA HA Those of you from last year know why!

NOW FOR TEA PARTY ALL THE RULES ARE OUT THE WINDOW!!! YOU BETTER GO CRAZY!! When I submitted this routine they said they had heard about this one and we don't want to let anyone down!!!

K - thats it!!! Get to work!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


  • Can you believe we are wrapping up another year ALREADY!!? This is the time of year when all the kids hard work is rewarded!! Bellow is a list of all the rest of the years events!!

  • April 7th - regular practice BUDS and BLOOMERS need to wear HIP HOP costumes!

  • April 12th - and on the 14th regular class SPROUTS wear HIP HOP outfits to class for inspection! :) Black and Silver!

  • April 14th - Tiny tots performance in Rupert at 1:00 - wear new ballet dress and bring your tap outfit for Horse dance and coin skirt! (If you have an older sibling you can borrow from thats great! If not I ordered some new ones, let me know if you want one they are $7.50)

  • April 19th - regular class

  • April 21st - SPROUTS, BUDS AND BLOOMERS will have regular class in ALL COMPETITION COSTUMES! Label everything and don't forget BOWS, TIGHTS, SHOES...EVERYTHING!!! This is the time that we can make adjustments and find those lost items before its too late!!

  • April 26th - Regular class for TINY TOTS, BUDS AND BLOOMERS. NO SPROUTS this day!

  • All classes will be performing at Oakley HS at 7:00 be there by 6:40!!

  • TINY TOTS - Ballet - Hair in ringlets and bow on top! White tights adn ballet slippers.

  • SPROUTS - Transformers - Black and Silver hip hop it out!!!

  • BUDS & BLOOMERS - WAKA WAKA - same hair and costume as always.

  • April 28th - competition rehearsal in DECLO JR HIGH gym at 3:30 to 3:30 - All SPROUTS, BUDS AND BLOOMERS!! You do NOT need to wear costumes!! Bring a water bottle and a small snack!

  • NO PARENTS, SIBLINGS OR SPECTATORS PLEASE!!! We will be working hard!!

  • April 30th - COMPETITION @ CSI GYM!! gonna be fun!! I won't have exact times until that week! Plan on 8am to 5pm for all class dances - then Waka Waka and Tea Party will be anywhere from 5 to 7ish. Awards last year wer at 9:00pm! I'm sooooo excited to take these amazing dancers and share their talents! Its always a fun day!! Bring snacks and drinks for the day! A competition paper with the order of performances and all hair and make-up details will got out as soon as I know!!

  • May 3rd - Regular class

  • May 5th - Regular class (May fees are due this day!! DANCERS WITH UNPAID BALANCES WILL NOT PERFORM AT RECITAL!!)

  • May 10th - NO DANCE!!!

  • May 11th - Regular class!

  • May 12th - Regular class!

  • May 16th - Dress rehearsal at Declo High School - Be there in 1st costume ready to go at 3:30! Please do not bring in food or drinks! Also last year there were kids running around the school and they have asked us to PLEASE keep them in the auditorium with everyone! I try to run a quick rehearsal!! NO MAKE UP OR HAIR!! Take the day off!!! Bellow is the program outline - I WILL DO TINY TOTS FIRST and try to move all their numbers up on the list for rehearsal, so they are not there all night!

  • Also I am going to try something different this year - the TINY TOTS will NOT have a dressing room backstage - After they perform we will walk them out the side stage door and line them up on the wall, you can take them and change them in the hallway or out in the restroom. The older girls have always tried to help get them ready and it is overwhelming for them to get themselves ready and make sure they don't mix up the tiny tot costumes. I will reserver the 2 front rows for you to seat them after they are dressed, that way they can watch the dancers while waiting for their turns!

  • May 17th!! CHRISTMAS!!! OOPS I MEAN RECITAL!!! This is one of my favorite days of the year!! BE THERE dressed and ready to roll at 6:30 SHARP!!! Show starts at 7:00pm!! Remember it is FREE! So invite EVERYONE you know to see you shine!!

  • Thanks for all you do and for sharing these amazing kids with me!! I couldn't have asked for more! These are awesome and talented kids!!

  • A detailed check list of costumes will go out about a week before recital!!


  • Waka Waka

  • Tiny Tots - Hick Town

  • Taylor Heiner - Solo

  • Buds - Ballet

  • Taysom - Solo

  • Tiny Tots - Loca

  • Sprouts - Transformers

  • Bloomers - Ballet

  • Gracie and Whitley - Duet

  • Tiny Tots - Baby

  • Talyor Woodburry - Solo

  • Buds - Hip Hop

  • Taysom Jensen - Solo

  • Sprouts - Shout

  • Bloomers - Hip Hop

  • Jakara - Solo

  • Ali - Solo

  • Tiny Tots - Ballet

  • Lyndsi & Syd - Duet

  • Squirrel - Solo

  • Buds - Boyfriends Back

  • Tessa - Solo

  • Sprouts - Ballet

  • Bloomers - Walkin on Sunshine

  • Tiny Tots - Hip Hop

  • Talk about awards and take a few minutes for girls to get dressed!!!

  • TEA PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WOW!!! Thats a lot of dances! FEWWWW....I'm Tired!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Alright dancers and parents, we are sneaking up on spring ALREADY! The girls have done such a wonderful job in class and at performances. I am so proud of all the hard work and great attitudes!!
REMINDER!! All costume fees were due on FEB 1st. all paid costumes have been ordered and will be here soon. If you have not paid yet they are NOT in the first order. Please com and talk to me (or call) if you need to get a costume ordered. You will have to pay your own shipping and the costume will be a week or two later than the rest of the class. I wish I could order all at once, but I CANNOT carry hundreds of dollars worth of costumes!
Below is a break down of all the costumes you need for the full year.

Tiny tots - Tap~ Horse, denim shorts, white shirt, white tights and tap shoes.
Jazz~ Yellow dress, crazy tights, and tennis shoes.
Hip Hop~ Granny costume/velour jogger/granny night gown, hair in foam curlers sprayed white, optional scarf over curlers, tennis shoes and they need a walker or a cane. Please start bringing walker or cane to class April 1st.
Ballet~ New dress, white tights and ballet slippers.

Sprouts - Jazz~ Shout dress, hair in curled piggies, tan tights, tan shoes.
Tea Party~ CRAZY costume!!
Hip Hop~ Black and silver outfit! You come up with your own!! Baggy pants, hoodies, layered tees, hats, legwarmers, handkerchiefs...etc. GO PUNK! Don't be afraid of spray paint!! Silver shoes would ROCK! (I will have silver legwarmers for the girls)
Ballet~ New dress tan tights, tan shoes.

Buds - Jazz~ Black leo, pink skirt, zebra shorts, tan footless tights, and footundies
Tea Party ~ CRAZY costume!!
Waka Waka ~ Black leo, zebra shorts, coin skirt, and head band (don't forget tights and shoes!!)
Hip Hop~ Black leo, plaid school girl skirt, white button up shirt, white knee high socks and tennis shoes. This is an outfit you find yourself!!
Ballet ~ New dress

Bloomers- Tea Party ~ CRAZY costume
Waka Waka ~ black leo, zebra shorts, coin skirt, headband, tights and shoes
Jazz ~ Black top, socks, shorts, yellow skirt, tights and shoes
Hip Hop~ Hoodie and your own pink, black and white creation!!! Tennis shoes.
Ballet ~ Orange dress with black shirt and zebra bottoms.

I have decided to take the sprouts, buds and bloomers to the Canyon Rim Dance Classic competition in Twin Falls on Saturday April 30th. This is an all day event. Each routine is $15.oo per dancer. I will have the times that they will compete by the 1st of April. It will be posted here!
The team routines and fees are as follows. ALL FEES ARE DUE MARCH 10th!! If you do not pay I will assume you choose not to have your dancer perform.
Sprouts ~ Transformer $15.00
Tea Party $15.00
Buds ~ Waka Waka $15.00
Tea Party $15.00
Boyfriends Back $15.00
Bloomers ~ Waka Waka $15.00
Tea Party $15.00
And I would like parents to decide if they want to take SUNSHINE or HIP HOP or BOTH?? If we take for routines this will be $60.00. It is a lot of money so I want your input. Both routines are amazing, and I feel we will compete VERRRY well!! I have to pay for my daughters to compete and I will agree to go with what the majority decides.

I am excited for this opportunity for the girls to grow and excel! They are ready to go to the next level. Please encourage them to practice at home and not miss classes. In April there will be Long dress rehearsal practices in the gym. I will let you know when we get closer to being ready!!! NO PARENTS/SIBLINGS OR SPECTATORS!!! I know it is fun to watch and see the whole picture come together, but the back ground noise is very distracting to the girls and myself. PLEASE help me to enforce this!!

Dance Pictures will be April 5th!! Tiny Tots @ 3:00 in yellow dress and crazy tights
Bloomers @ 3:30 in sunshine costume
Buds @ 4:00 in boyfriends back costume
Sprouts @ 4:45 in shout costume.
Hair and make-up any way you want! Envelopes will be passed out the week prior to pictures!

Spring Break March 21st!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winning number!!

Sorry there is no update for you Declo girls yet. Due to ill children and computer issues we are a few days behind.

Here is your winning number and updates will be posted soon!!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

you tube videos!!

Check you girls out!!!!

go to look for nakona 12 15 dance and nakona dance!! I will try to find a way to post these here...but please check them out!! YOU GIRLS ROCK!!!!

OK Also check Easton and Easton 2 and Easton baby baby

All of these are posted by Wrigleycrew!!!

Update Time!! And the winning number!!

Happy New Year!!

Ok here is our performance Schedule!

January 8th - 6:00pm SHARP!! Minico High School Tea Party

January 21st - 6:00pm SHARP!! Bloomers - Declo High School

January 27th - 6:00pm SHARP!! Buds - My Boyfriends Back - Minico High School
Sprouts - Shout

On January 27th dance class will be held for BLOOMERS ONLY!!! (NO CLASS FOR BUDS AND SPROUTS)

January 29th - Twin Falls Showcase - performance at 7:00pm Be there by 6:40!!!
Bloomers - Sunshine
Buds & Bloomers - Waka Waka
All - Tea Party

Girls need to arrive for all performances fully dressed and ready to go!!!

Competion at CSI Gym on April 30th for Sprouts, Buds and Bloomers. More info to come!

Ok girls here is the Monthly Update Winning number!!!


Sunday, January 2, 2011