Tuesday, January 4, 2011

you tube videos!!

Check you girls out!!!!

go to youtube.com look for nakona 12 15 dance and nakona dance!! I will try to find a way to post these here...but please check them out!! YOU GIRLS ROCK!!!!

OK Also check Easton and Easton 2 and Easton baby baby

All of these are posted by Wrigleycrew!!!

Update Time!! And the winning number!!

Happy New Year!!

Ok here is our performance Schedule!

January 8th - 6:00pm SHARP!! Minico High School Tea Party

January 21st - 6:00pm SHARP!! Bloomers - Declo High School

January 27th - 6:00pm SHARP!! Buds - My Boyfriends Back - Minico High School
Sprouts - Shout

On January 27th dance class will be held for BLOOMERS ONLY!!! (NO CLASS FOR BUDS AND SPROUTS)

January 29th - Twin Falls Showcase - performance at 7:00pm Be there by 6:40!!!
Bloomers - Sunshine
Buds & Bloomers - Waka Waka
All - Tea Party

Girls need to arrive for all performances fully dressed and ready to go!!!

Competion at CSI Gym on April 30th for Sprouts, Buds and Bloomers. More info to come!

Ok girls here is the Monthly Update Winning number!!!


Sunday, January 2, 2011