Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Please read this carefully!!!

BE AT THE CSI GYM ON TIME!!! We are on the Gym floor level and in ROOM 104 - Dances can run up to 45 minutes EARLY!! Don't be late! Make sure you label EVERYTHING!! Boys will NOT be allowed in the dressing rooms.
Dancers have been given ONE arm band that they must keep on to perform. I do not have any extras or replacements! (DON'T LOSE THEM!!)

10am SHARP!! - Dressed and READY to go - Declo Bloomers - Sunshine
Shirt, skirt, booty shorts, tights, shoes, legwarmers, hairbows, and all ribbons attached! Hair is to be wavy and bangs in a french braid from girls left to right. Then poof and put in a low ponytail. (we will take out the pony for Waka)

11am SHARP!! - Declo Bloomers - HIP HOP
Sweat jackets and pants - any top, crazy socks, and accessories you want! FUNKY CRAZY hair and make up!! STAND OUT!! You will have 2 hours to get ready for Waka! GO ALL OUT!

12pm SHARP!! - Declo and Dietrich and Shoshone Sprouts -TRANSFORMERS Black and silver hip hop attire! The funkier the better! MOMS DON'T HOLD BACK!! Bling on the ladies and baggie on the dudes! I always wanted to use dryer vent as leg warmers! Give it a try!


1:00 I want ALL dancers in WAKA dressed and ready to go for a big group practice!!

2:00 (DIRECTLY AFTER THE ABOVE AWARDS!) WAKA for BOTH Declo and Dietrich studios!
Waka costume and hair are the same as for every other time we have performed! Wavy hair with black head band! ( I will have extras!) leo and booty shorts, footless tights, footundies and DON'T FORGET YOUR COIN SKIRT!!!!!

2:30 TEA PARTY!! THIS IS THE BIG ONE!!! DECLO AND DIETRICH GIRLS!! We have almost 100 girls entered and I will need LOTS of parents to help set up - Tables, ribbons and birthday cake!!! If you are using spray hair color you will have to go outside to spray!!!


5:50 Declo Buds - BOYFRIENDS BACK - leo, skirt, tights, pettiskirt, ribbons on sleeves and hair slicked up in a high right side pony tail! NO BANGS!!!


Please wear make up EXACTLY AS I ASK!!!

NO FOUNDATION on girls under the age of 14!
Please wear a blush that is pinkish
Black eyeliner - do NOT drag out too far - just a tad past the eye
And if you want eye shadow- go with an earthy blend - I do not want blue or purple etc....
NO pencil on eyebrows - with florescent lights it makes the girls have bags under they eyes.
A deep pinkish lip stick - we DO NOT want RED RED because it will clash with our costumes!
GLITTER!!! I LOVE SPARKLE! We do need to go outside this year to apply! HA HA Those of you from last year know why!

NOW FOR TEA PARTY ALL THE RULES ARE OUT THE WINDOW!!! YOU BETTER GO CRAZY!! When I submitted this routine they said they had heard about this one and we don't want to let anyone down!!!

K - thats it!!! Get to work!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


  • Can you believe we are wrapping up another year ALREADY!!? This is the time of year when all the kids hard work is rewarded!! Bellow is a list of all the rest of the years events!!

  • April 7th - regular practice BUDS and BLOOMERS need to wear HIP HOP costumes!

  • April 12th - and on the 14th regular class SPROUTS wear HIP HOP outfits to class for inspection! :) Black and Silver!

  • April 14th - Tiny tots performance in Rupert at 1:00 - wear new ballet dress and bring your tap outfit for Horse dance and coin skirt! (If you have an older sibling you can borrow from thats great! If not I ordered some new ones, let me know if you want one they are $7.50)

  • April 19th - regular class

  • April 21st - SPROUTS, BUDS AND BLOOMERS will have regular class in ALL COMPETITION COSTUMES! Label everything and don't forget BOWS, TIGHTS, SHOES...EVERYTHING!!! This is the time that we can make adjustments and find those lost items before its too late!!

  • April 26th - Regular class for TINY TOTS, BUDS AND BLOOMERS. NO SPROUTS this day!

  • All classes will be performing at Oakley HS at 7:00 be there by 6:40!!

  • TINY TOTS - Ballet - Hair in ringlets and bow on top! White tights adn ballet slippers.

  • SPROUTS - Transformers - Black and Silver hip hop it out!!!

  • BUDS & BLOOMERS - WAKA WAKA - same hair and costume as always.

  • April 28th - competition rehearsal in DECLO JR HIGH gym at 3:30 to 3:30 - All SPROUTS, BUDS AND BLOOMERS!! You do NOT need to wear costumes!! Bring a water bottle and a small snack!

  • NO PARENTS, SIBLINGS OR SPECTATORS PLEASE!!! We will be working hard!!

  • April 30th - COMPETITION @ CSI GYM!! gonna be fun!! I won't have exact times until that week! Plan on 8am to 5pm for all class dances - then Waka Waka and Tea Party will be anywhere from 5 to 7ish. Awards last year wer at 9:00pm! I'm sooooo excited to take these amazing dancers and share their talents! Its always a fun day!! Bring snacks and drinks for the day! A competition paper with the order of performances and all hair and make-up details will got out as soon as I know!!

  • May 3rd - Regular class

  • May 5th - Regular class (May fees are due this day!! DANCERS WITH UNPAID BALANCES WILL NOT PERFORM AT RECITAL!!)

  • May 10th - NO DANCE!!!

  • May 11th - Regular class!

  • May 12th - Regular class!

  • May 16th - Dress rehearsal at Declo High School - Be there in 1st costume ready to go at 3:30! Please do not bring in food or drinks! Also last year there were kids running around the school and they have asked us to PLEASE keep them in the auditorium with everyone! I try to run a quick rehearsal!! NO MAKE UP OR HAIR!! Take the day off!!! Bellow is the program outline - I WILL DO TINY TOTS FIRST and try to move all their numbers up on the list for rehearsal, so they are not there all night!

  • Also I am going to try something different this year - the TINY TOTS will NOT have a dressing room backstage - After they perform we will walk them out the side stage door and line them up on the wall, you can take them and change them in the hallway or out in the restroom. The older girls have always tried to help get them ready and it is overwhelming for them to get themselves ready and make sure they don't mix up the tiny tot costumes. I will reserver the 2 front rows for you to seat them after they are dressed, that way they can watch the dancers while waiting for their turns!

  • May 17th!! CHRISTMAS!!! OOPS I MEAN RECITAL!!! This is one of my favorite days of the year!! BE THERE dressed and ready to roll at 6:30 SHARP!!! Show starts at 7:00pm!! Remember it is FREE! So invite EVERYONE you know to see you shine!!

  • Thanks for all you do and for sharing these amazing kids with me!! I couldn't have asked for more! These are awesome and talented kids!!

  • A detailed check list of costumes will go out about a week before recital!!


  • Waka Waka

  • Tiny Tots - Hick Town

  • Taylor Heiner - Solo

  • Buds - Ballet

  • Taysom - Solo

  • Tiny Tots - Loca

  • Sprouts - Transformers

  • Bloomers - Ballet

  • Gracie and Whitley - Duet

  • Tiny Tots - Baby

  • Talyor Woodburry - Solo

  • Buds - Hip Hop

  • Taysom Jensen - Solo

  • Sprouts - Shout

  • Bloomers - Hip Hop

  • Jakara - Solo

  • Ali - Solo

  • Tiny Tots - Ballet

  • Lyndsi & Syd - Duet

  • Squirrel - Solo

  • Buds - Boyfriends Back

  • Tessa - Solo

  • Sprouts - Ballet

  • Bloomers - Walkin on Sunshine

  • Tiny Tots - Hip Hop

  • Talk about awards and take a few minutes for girls to get dressed!!!

  • TEA PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WOW!!! Thats a lot of dances! FEWWWW....I'm Tired!