Sunday, November 27, 2011

Updates and Info

Here is our remaining November and December schedule!! There are a few performances that are not pinned down yet - as I get those dates set I will let you know!!
There are also performance dates for January and February!!!
Nov. 29 and 30th - Regular class - REMINDER DECEMBER FEES ARE DUE BY THE FIRST!! Costumes should all be in and passed out these days!
1st - Crazy dance schedule - 3:30 Weedz
4:30 Bloomerz
Festival of Trees Dec. 1st!!! 6:00pm SHARP be in dressing room downstairs!!! Please be dressed in costume and hair and make up DONE!! We will need the full 30 minutes to line up!! We perform at 6:30!
Festival of Trees Dancers -
Tiny Totz - Christmas Dress (your own)
Cowgirl dance - you need a western shirt and denim shorts, white tights and taps. Hair curled in ringlets and bangs pulled up!
Sproutz - Hip Hop - we will wear Bird Flu costumes. Hair in 3 ponies on top (mohawk style) either crimped or curled!
Blue Budz - Hip Hop - Outfits will be in by then. Hair slicked into 2 low buns, wrapped tightly and we will put chop sticks in them!!
Black Budz - Hip Hop - Outfits will be in by then! Hair in side pony tail on girls' right side and NO BANGS!!
This is a great warm up performance, the girls will have a small crowd and a small stage!! This will be a great first performance and I love supporting the community!
Dec. 6th, 7th, 8th - Regular Class
December 7th - 5:30pm Declo girls jv game - Bloomerz will do Hip Hop.
7:00pm Declo girls Varsity - All Classes will do Bird Flu.
December 13th - Tiny Tots - 12:30 SHARP!! Rosetta living home and then we will cross the street at 1:00 and perform at Highland retirement home. We will wear our new ballet dress (if it is here by then) otherwise we will wear our Christmas Dresses and do our Christmas dance and then we will leave it on and do our Tap routine - DON'T FORGET TAPS!!! We will NOT be changing into our cowgirl costumes!
Dec. 13th, 14th, 15th - Regular Class
December 16th - Burley Boys Varsity Game - Bird Flu Dancers!!
January 3rd - Classes resume!!
January 11th - Declo JV 6:00pm - Weedz jazz
January 17th - Burley Girls JV 6:00pm - Black Budz hip hop and Sproutz jazz.
January 25th - Declo JV 6:00pm Blue Budz
January 28th - Possible Showcase in Twinfalls.
February 1st - Burley Boys JV 6:00pm - Weedz hip hop.
February 18th - SCHOLARSHIP SHOWCASE!!! This is going to be soooo awesome!! More details coming soon!!!
Hope this fills up your calendar! The girls are doing awesome and I am so proud of them!! In February we will begin a BOYZ Hip Hop class on Wednesdays at 5:15!! Can't wait!! Let me know if you are in!!
Also PLEASE remind your dancers that they are to wear appropriate dance attire and bring tennis shoes and jazz shoes to EVERY class!! And please write their names on their shoes!! I already have 3 reported lost pairs!!
There is a growing problem with girls eating in the studio - THIS IS NOT ALLOWED!!! they can bring a water bottle and put it in the window and that is it!! Not in the dressing room or waiting area - it just gets too messy with 300 of us coming and going all week!!