Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Alright dancers and parents, we are sneaking up on spring ALREADY! The girls have done such a wonderful job in class and at performances. I am so proud of all the hard work and great attitudes!!
REMINDER!! All costume fees were due on FEB 1st. all paid costumes have been ordered and will be here soon. If you have not paid yet they are NOT in the first order. Please com and talk to me (or call) if you need to get a costume ordered. You will have to pay your own shipping and the costume will be a week or two later than the rest of the class. I wish I could order all at once, but I CANNOT carry hundreds of dollars worth of costumes!
Below is a break down of all the costumes you need for the full year.

Tiny tots - Tap~ Horse, denim shorts, white shirt, white tights and tap shoes.
Jazz~ Yellow dress, crazy tights, and tennis shoes.
Hip Hop~ Granny costume/velour jogger/granny night gown, hair in foam curlers sprayed white, optional scarf over curlers, tennis shoes and they need a walker or a cane. Please start bringing walker or cane to class April 1st.
Ballet~ New dress, white tights and ballet slippers.

Sprouts - Jazz~ Shout dress, hair in curled piggies, tan tights, tan shoes.
Tea Party~ CRAZY costume!!
Hip Hop~ Black and silver outfit! You come up with your own!! Baggy pants, hoodies, layered tees, hats, legwarmers, handkerchiefs...etc. GO PUNK! Don't be afraid of spray paint!! Silver shoes would ROCK! (I will have silver legwarmers for the girls)
Ballet~ New dress tan tights, tan shoes.

Buds - Jazz~ Black leo, pink skirt, zebra shorts, tan footless tights, and footundies
Tea Party ~ CRAZY costume!!
Waka Waka ~ Black leo, zebra shorts, coin skirt, and head band (don't forget tights and shoes!!)
Hip Hop~ Black leo, plaid school girl skirt, white button up shirt, white knee high socks and tennis shoes. This is an outfit you find yourself!!
Ballet ~ New dress

Bloomers- Tea Party ~ CRAZY costume
Waka Waka ~ black leo, zebra shorts, coin skirt, headband, tights and shoes
Jazz ~ Black top, socks, shorts, yellow skirt, tights and shoes
Hip Hop~ Hoodie and your own pink, black and white creation!!! Tennis shoes.
Ballet ~ Orange dress with black shirt and zebra bottoms.

I have decided to take the sprouts, buds and bloomers to the Canyon Rim Dance Classic competition in Twin Falls on Saturday April 30th. This is an all day event. Each routine is $15.oo per dancer. I will have the times that they will compete by the 1st of April. It will be posted here!
The team routines and fees are as follows. ALL FEES ARE DUE MARCH 10th!! If you do not pay I will assume you choose not to have your dancer perform.
Sprouts ~ Transformer $15.00
Tea Party $15.00
Buds ~ Waka Waka $15.00
Tea Party $15.00
Boyfriends Back $15.00
Bloomers ~ Waka Waka $15.00
Tea Party $15.00
And I would like parents to decide if they want to take SUNSHINE or HIP HOP or BOTH?? If we take for routines this will be $60.00. It is a lot of money so I want your input. Both routines are amazing, and I feel we will compete VERRRY well!! I have to pay for my daughters to compete and I will agree to go with what the majority decides.

I am excited for this opportunity for the girls to grow and excel! They are ready to go to the next level. Please encourage them to practice at home and not miss classes. In April there will be Long dress rehearsal practices in the gym. I will let you know when we get closer to being ready!!! NO PARENTS/SIBLINGS OR SPECTATORS!!! I know it is fun to watch and see the whole picture come together, but the back ground noise is very distracting to the girls and myself. PLEASE help me to enforce this!!

Dance Pictures will be April 5th!! Tiny Tots @ 3:00 in yellow dress and crazy tights
Bloomers @ 3:30 in sunshine costume
Buds @ 4:00 in boyfriends back costume
Sprouts @ 4:45 in shout costume.
Hair and make-up any way you want! Envelopes will be passed out the week prior to pictures!

Spring Break March 21st!!!