Monday, April 23, 2012

Way to go DECLO DANCERS!!!

Here are  the final scores- AFTER a recount -(for weeds and blue buds)

blue buds-high gold
bloomers- highgold

weeds- lyrical-PLATINUM
weeds- hip hop-high gold
bird flu- high gold

2nd place overall for best lyrical----weeds
2nd place overall for best hip hop---weeds
2nd place for production ( in INTERMDIATE CATaGORY!!!!)

 AND the only tropy for .......BEST CHOREOGRAPHY- weeds lyrical  Big congrats to Brook and Taysom for their AWESOME Choreography!!
Big thanks to all the families they were all sooooo supportive and wonderful!!! and make sure to thank Andrea Tegan for all her help with make up and EVERYTHING!!! 

Also a huge congrats to the girls for the Malad performances

Weeds - Jazz SUPERIOR
              Hip Hop SUPERIOR
              Lyrical SUPERIOR

And  a trophy for Best Hip Hop of the WHOLE SHOW!!!

You girls are all sooo amazing!!

And a big Congrats the 16 girls going to the Stadium of Fire at BYU!! These few amazing girls that made the cut will be dancing at the Beach Boys concert on 4th of July!! Way to go girls!! You earned it!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012